Top 5 Sources of Travel News

Professional tour operatorss or avid travelers, it is crucial that they remain aware of all of the latest travel news. This is especially essential if it could impact their plans – for instance, a volcano erupting near a destination you plan to visit, or the government of an individual country falling under military rule – but there are numerous sources offering reliable travel intel.

Matador Network, a relatively new player in travel publishing, currently enjoys approximately eight million unique monthly visitors to their site, where they cover everything from food and drink to culture and entertainment. However, Matador stands out amongst its competition by featuring travel industry news – for instance this article about Sherry L Rupert being appointed to the National Marine Sanctuary Business Advisory Council makes Matador worth checking out!

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Lonely Planet prides itself as being “the world’s most popular travel magazine,” with readers from diverse traveler demographics looking for inspiring and educational travel content from professional sources. As such, their travel and tourism news has the ability to reach more readers than some other publications on this list; this presents some challenges when writing articles on Indigenous destinations; these may need to be properly sourced before being presented to readers.

Though their primary readership consists of tourists, this publication also boasts an active B2B following and serves as a reliable source of travel news for tour operators and agencies alike. Their wide array of cruise, destination, and hotel news articles provides tour operators with insight into client demand and requirements.

Travel Weekly, part of Northstar Travel Group, enjoys an expansive readership among travel professionals such as agents and destination management companies. Travel Weekly is known for providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of global travel industry – making it a must-read publication for tour operators or travel agency looking to keep abreast of trends and changes within this field.

Contrary to other travel news sites, this one has been created specifically with Mexico in mind. Therefore, it provides comprehensive news in multiple languages regarding topics that pertain to Mexican tourism such as airlines, hotels, cruises, destinations and technology – plus additional reports covering both domestic and international tourism sectors which can help your tour company create targeted advertising campaigns in Mexico.

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