Top 5 News Apps for Android and iPhone

Keep abreast of news as it breaks daily with these top apps for Android and iPhone! Not only can these news apps provide up-to-the-minute coverage, they offer customized user experiences suited specifically to each person’s interests and tailor them accordingly – from RSS-style feed readers to apps designed for smartphone screens – here are a selection of some of the top news apps.

Flipboard offers an engaging magazine-esque reading experience, complete with page-flip animations in its newsfeed and large grid layout. In addition, this app includes human-curated editorial tabs such as The Daily Briefing and Flipboard Picks to make reading content more convenient. Plus, its customizable interface enables you to build your own newsfeed, save articles for later viewing or sharing via social media!

Yahoo News has long been known for their wide array of stories from major publications. Their search function makes finding information fast and efficiently; their layout and features make the app user-friendly.

No matter your interest, BuzzFeed provides an informative yet entertaining summary of global affairs and celebrity gossip. From trending videos to the most up-to-date celebrity gossip, this app gives users a quick snapshot of current affairs that is both accurate and fun – giving an understanding of what people are discussing!

Though traditional newspapers may be experiencing challenges, information remains key and relevant for global audiences. Staying abreast of current events has never been simpler or more accessible – particularly thanks to top news apps which make keeping abreast of breaking headlines easier than ever.

Therefore, there remain ample opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to create their own news app. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want your app to deliver real time updates:

Apps With Featured Articles Section
An integral aspect of any news app is being able to present relevant, visually-appealing content. By including a Featured Articles section within your app, it can enhance user engagement and potentially increase virality – just be sure that its updates occur regularly so as to maintain maximum impact for user retention and growth!

Content Tools Section Shoutem’s mobile app development platform makes incorporating all these features with its convenient drag-and-drop editor easy. Social sharing options, user commenting features and search capabilities all play an integral role in increasing user interaction and virality of news apps. Search is another essential function to enable easy user navigation within apps containing categories, tags or individual articles; search functions should also be readily available across sections for easy navigation between articles or pages.

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