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Law News provides timely, relevant, and expertly written legal news covering current events affecting litigation. It covers an array of practice areas – antitrust, bankruptcy, business development, employment issues, ethics, evidence gathering for pretrial/trial practice proceedings, intellectual property laws, mental health & wellness and more!

As we come out from one of the worst pandemics ever witnessed in history, lawyers should take this as an opportunity to evaluate how they can enhance their wellbeing. Some attorneys are taking proactive steps to boost their wellness while others have found ways to use their skillsets to assist those in need – this issue of Law News will explore some of these initiatives.

The Supreme Court is taking an in-depth look at the controversial “conscience” doctrine, which shields doctors and nurses who choose to deny care on moral grounds from being sued, fired, or prosecuted for their decision. An NYU School of Law professor discusses why this should be scrapped.

2023 has been a year marked by economic and geopolitical upheaval, prompting M&A activity to fall off considerably. But some experts predict this slowdown is just the start; more volatile stock market trading, lower interest rates, and an increasingly challenging financing environment may all contribute to slowing activity levels down further.

Federal public defenders have implemented creative approaches to better prepare their clients for arguments before the US Supreme Court, yet critics still charge that there are issues within the system and some justices have expressed doubt about the quality of representation criminal defendants are receiving in courtrooms. NYU Law professors explain the challenges and identify areas for reform. In this issue of Law News they outline these difficulties and outline potential reform initiatives.

Family law remains an area of contention in today’s polarized America, yet many agree it shouldn’t force couples into divorce. Yet disagreements continue about how to strike the balance between mother’s right to breastfeed her child versus fathers right to parent his children as they see fit – this issue of Law News presents perspectives from an NYU School of Law professor and family lawyer on this controversial subject matter.

State & Local Law News’ Fall Issue provides insight into the future of Indian Child Welfare Act implementation and reducing gun violence, wild fire losses, water rights disputes and more. A law professor also discusses when hip-hop lyrics may be used as evidence in criminal trials and how some lawmakers seek to protect artistic expression.

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