Health Benefits of Pets

Nothing beats the unconditional love of a furry companion, but these furry pals may provide more than just companionship; they can actually improve our health! From fish to guinea pigs and dogs, NIH-funded studies demonstrate how pets offer physical and mental health benefits such as reduced stress levels and enhanced cardiovascular wellness.

Wyverne Flatt of New York is engaged in an emotional support animal legal battle to keep Ellie, his 5-year-old pig with white nose and feet who has become his companion and emotional support animal. Ellie is more than just his pet; she’s his family.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, animal shelters and organizations are finding innovative solutions to care for their pets. One Florida organization even offers free cat spay/neuter services as a preventative measure.

On Monday, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show kicked off with thousands of competitors competing to win its coveted best in show prize. But this event also highlighted many challenges facing veterinary medicine today – from vaccine shortages to the rising popularity of artificially inseminated dogs.

Finding a new cat or kitten is an exciting adventure, yet not easy decision for everyone. In some instances, allergies prevent some from adopting or purchasing pets while other homes don’t allow animals. When this occurs, finding suitable solutions to ensure your new addition’s happiness and safety should be prioritized.

Oklahoma State University student Elizabeth Anderson found an unconventional use for her psychology degree: working on Pete’s Pet Posse, one of the largest pet therapy programs on any college campus with 13 canines that offer comfort and emotional support to anyone in need.

Pets provide immense comfort and happiness to children who have been neglected or abandoned, which makes it essential that we recognize and honor those individuals who assist these children through pets.

Nova Scotia couple welcomed a green puppy into their family, but soon discovered it is also providing relief from seizures for their daughter.

Cats, dogs, and other cute furries make an impactful impact in humans’ lives around the globe with their big hearts and wagging tails. Check out these touching stories that show just how powerful pets can be at changing lives!

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