Top 5 Fitness News Blogs

Blogs have become an invaluable source of information for people trying to live healthier and more active lifestyles. Blogs provide invaluable health and fitness advice ranging from workout plans and diet tips, healthy recipe recommendations and insights into different exercise methods. Excellent blogs stand out by having a specific goal; helping pregnant women workout during gestation or providing helpful strategies for those struggling with anxiety while exercising are two prime examples.

Love Sweat Fitness was launched in 2014 as a health and wellness site targeting women. Its content can be divided into three sections: fitness, healthy lifestyle and travel. Unlike many fitness blogs, Love Sweat Fitness does not feature personal stories from fitness influencers; its material also caters towards younger audiences with free workout videos, healthy recipes and inspirational fitness challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic had an enormous effect on the fitness industry, altering people’s priorities for their own health and well-being and creating enormous growth in gym attendance and at-home virtual workout options such as virtual trainers. Fitness brands and gyms alike adapted their operations, business models and focus to reflect this shift – leading to numerous fitness brands changing operations, business models and focus accordingly and emphasizing supportive fitness communities with #fitfam, #fitfamily, and #fitcommunity trending social media hashtags like #fitfam #fitfamilyand #fitcommunity trending on social media.

If you’re a runner, this vibrant health blog from Sydney, Australia will be perfect for you. Packed full of workout fashion tips and nutritious recipes as well as adventure travel recommendations that you can use no matter where in the world you find yourself, this comprehensive health resource offers everything necessary for living a fit and healthy life – even offering qualifications!

Greatist, established in 2010, stands out among fitness blogs with its conversational tone and coverage of everything from fad diets to hospital practices, from its multi-daily updates and must-answer questions like Does Chewing Gum Reduce Anxiety (Yes). Furthermore, Greatist boasts an impressive roster of expert contributors such as pediatric cardiologists, nurses, and nutritionists – an unusual feat among fitness blogs!

Runner’s World Running Guide, established in 1997 by a college professor and distance runner, offers more niche content. Written by an expert in running technology such as minimalist shoes or slow running, its analysis covers an array of running-related debates as well as fitness topics like how to deal with injuries.

The Australian Fitness Academy is your one-stop fitness shop for everything you need to succeed in the gym industry, from updated qualifications and resources on government funding, all the way through to helping you launch and manage your own gym, becoming an outstanding trainer, or becoming an entrepreneur yourself.

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