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New discoveries on early child development are revolutionizing how many schools view and teach kids. Some experts worry that increasing early intervention programs could harm academic achievement over time; while others say the science is clear: more children need to be introduced to reading, writing and critical thinking from birth.

School districts are experiencing teacher shortages and are turning to four-day school weeks as one potential solution; however, critics remain skeptic.

Multiple states are using federal funds to assist low-income families pay for tutoring and counseling services that will put their children on the path toward academic achievement, yet some critics feel their efforts fail to address wider issues affecting these children.

Some schools are purchasing produce from local farmers in order to improve children’s diets, boost local economies, and create local jobs – but critics argue it’s neither cost-effective or sustainable, suggesting more should be done to address hunger in America.

After the Supreme Court decision ruling against affirmative action, White teenager’s dreams of college admissions soared while Black teens’ hopes suffered significantly; both felt relief, guilt and inadequacy as they looked toward their futures.

The Biden administration is encouraging colleges to take more aggressive steps against attacks on Jewish students and harassment of pro-Palestinian students; critics question if this approach promotes tolerance and diversity within classroom settings.

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