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Lifestyle News articles cover topics such as food, reviews, places to visit and fashion. Lifestyle articles can be found both in newspapers and magazines and can provide a relaxing respite from more demanding content within publications; additionally they serve as a popular genre for providing life advice.

Lifestyle journalism has long been defined by its fluid boundaries both internally and with other journalistic fields like hard news. Topics like health can be presented both from a lifestyle and hard news angle (for instance: “how to improve your health”). Genres associated with lifestyle journalism have even been adopted into more conventional formats of hard news writing.

Lifestyle writers that excel are those with genuine enthusiasm for what they cover – yoga, veganism or alternative therapies are just some examples of topics they might love covering! Their authenticity keeps their work exciting and fresh for their readers.

Lifestyle writers with proven skill can branch out into various topics beyond their core specialism. This may be accomplished either through being well organized and having contacts in various lifestyle industries or finding that their interests and abilities cross over into several of these industries. An accomplished lifestyle writer will have no difficulty writing about an assortment of different subjects from their home base.

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