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Americans are living longer, but chronic diseases continue to threaten their lives and health. These conditions often result from genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices and environmental influences; research at institutes supported by NIH seeks to better understand these disorders so we can improve prevention, treatment and cures for them.

Newly released data show that COVID-19 cases and deaths have substantially plateaued; however, disparities still exist across both low- and high-income communities based on structural issues like unequal access to healthcare or poverty rates.

A recent CDC study shows how people living with diabetes can better manage their condition with the help of smartphone apps that track blood sugar levels and offer personalized nutrition recommendations. Furthermore, this allows users to set goals and stay accountable to their physicians.

NIH News in Health is a monthly newsletter published by the NIH that provides practical health information and tips derived from their funded research. Each issue is reviewed by medical experts from universities and medical schools to ensure accuracy, and distributed on the first Monday of every month.

Our journalists are experts on various health-related topics and often speak on them for media outlets. Get to know more about them by exploring this page.

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