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With global climate change increasing pressure to cut back on waste, more people are looking for ways to cut back. Pet groomer Lucine Mo is among those seeking ways to cut waste – she prefers using thermal mugs rather than the typical plastic or paper cup that urbanites typically use for coffee in Hong Kong. But, for many others it remains challenging to abandon plastic altogether and as demand for plastic continues to soar so does concern over its fate once its use has come to an end.

New research reveals that chemical inks used on supermarket bags could potentially break down into microplastics that pollute oceans or harm wildlife. Scientists involved with the research hope their efforts will lead to safer and greener alternatives which won’t pollute oceans or threaten wildlife populations.

Environmental disasters ranging from wildfires in Australia and Europe’s deadly heat wave last summer have had a devastating impact on communities, taking away vital resources while leaving many without homes to return to. Our expert panel this month shared their perspectives on these disasters’ repercussions, and offered suggestions as to how we can better safeguard our planet.

Aerosols – small particles composed of sea salt, dust and ash that play a critical role in shaping weather and climate – play an enormously influential role. From cloud formation to initiating raindrops to helping balance CO2 levels on Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists are discovering effective methods for tracking this activity using single-celled foraminifera fossils as powerful tracking tools.

Environmental journalists play an essential role in efforts to curb global warming, reporting on current science and research findings as well as raising public awareness on sustainability, biodiversity and renewable energy topics. Environmental journalists serve as representatives and spokespersons for our environment’s future.

The Unearthed Awards honour excellence in environmental journalism every year. Winners include journalists whose work captures readers’ imaginations and provokes action; such as uncovering how US oil lobby pressured different state governments to criminalise protests against pipelines (The Guardian) or documenting Icelandic fishers exploiting Namibian locals in pursuit of Antarctic quotas (NBC Left Field). Their stories provide essential reading material for anyone concerned with protecting our planet and its people – we’re delighted to share their incredible stories with you all! We celebrate their amazing accomplishments each year by sharing them with all.

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