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Business news is the subgenre of journalism that chronicles and analyzes commercial activities and changes to economic conditions that take place within societies. Business news publications typically appear in newspapers and magazines; it can also appear on television and radio. Business journalism tends to take more of a serious tone than entertainment or political journalism, providing advice for starting businesses, managing employees effectively and developing winning strategies.

Management can be one of the toughest challenges of running a business, so this Harvard Business Review article examines four traits that distinguish great managers and gives advice for developing those skills within your team. Anyone struggling to keep operations running smoothly should read this piece!

Business world is ever-evolving and often changing rapidly, so in order to stay on top of your game and remain successful you must stay abreast of current and upcoming trends. In this article we take a closer look at some of the major shifts occurring within business today and their potential effects on your organization.

Skye Schooley, as a content marketing specialist, conducts extensive research and interviews in order to craft articles that inform and assist small business owners in making educated decisions about their businesses. She has over 10 years of B2C writing experience including search engine optimization and data analysis as well as editing thousands of pieces of business content.

Successful business operations take more than just hard work and quality products; you must also know how to connect and understand your customers. This business article can help you take a deeper dive into your customer base and learn how you can better serve them.

At times it can be challenging to balance the demands of both work and being an entrepreneur, which is why this HBR article explores reasons to stop trying to keep personal and professional lives separate and looks at ways you can incorporate both into a healthy and productive lifestyle. A must-read for any entrepreneur looking to build a long-lasting business.

Kayla St. Germain leads growth marketing and sales enablement initiatives at Business News Daily. She excels at working closely with companies to enhance their brands, create efficient go-to-market strategies and support revenue growth. Her background combines traditional marketing and technology, and she has held positions in retail, healthcare, e-commerce, finance and media. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of New Hampshire as well as being certified Google Partner and loves helping clients meet their marketing goals by giving them power to express themselves uniquely through branding and storytelling. Living just outside Boston with her husband and two dogs; hiking and playing guitar are some of her favorite pastimes in her spare time.

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